Rabbi Justin Treger

Rabbi Treger was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa as a traditional Jew. He completed his business undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Amongst the numerous accolades he received, he was awarded the Dean’s Gold Medal – an award for the top undergraduate student at the University. During these years, his interest in Torah learning grew. Together with his wife Sharnee he went to Yerushalayim for a year to further immerse himself in the study of Torah. That year turned into 8 years, most of which were spent in the Mir Yeshiva. Rabbi Treger returned to South Africa to be the Assistant Rabbi at Sandton Shul and to fulfil his passion to join the commercial world for the first time, at age 30.

He is currently a voluntary rabbi at the Sandton Shul, the director of Sandton Sinai School (a yeshiva day-school he founded in 2012) and the co-founder of a successful international tax compliance business. Rabbi Treger’s passion lies in discovering how to achieve greatness as a Jew through one’s involvement in the workplace.

The series on this site are a synopsis based on Torah sources, with enhanced understanding from real life experience, on how to strike the perfect balance between the physical and spiritual; between work and learning; between life in the real-world and real life.